R&B Divas

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R&B Divas is one of the newest television reality series launched in the United States. The show airs on TV One and stars famous R&B singers Monifah Carter, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt.

The first episode of R&B Divas was aired on August 20, 2012. Until now 6 episodes of the television reality show have been released. The main idea of the show is to present the lives of the five famous singers while trying to balance their music careers and their personal lives. The stars are working at producing an album in the memory of famous singer Whitney Houston, who died in February, 2012. Part of the sales from this album will be donated to the Whitney E. Houston Academy in East Orange.

Since the moment when its first episode was aired, R&B Divas became a huge success. The work that the five singers have done until now is much appreciated and the upcoming album promises to be great. One of the songs featured on this album, Tears of Joy, is already out having millions of fans. The CD is scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

“We all know that life has drama”, Faith Evans said according to the Huffington Post. “But what we wanted to showcase was that the drama doesn’t always have to be resolved in violence or fighting, that there can be some inspiring as well through reaching resolutions.” Talking about the album, Evans said that it is a “compilation, but I’m featured on seven song. Four of which are solo Faith Evans songs and the others are collaborations with the girls on the show.”

The singer also shared the fact that the success of the show was a pleasant surprise for her. The cast has not signed with producers for a second season, at least not yet, but Evans said that this will probably happen having under consideration the success of the show.

R&B Divas has enjoyed the most watched original premiere in TV One history.


Faith Evans is a famous singer, television producer and artist. The star has released no less than 5 top 30 studio albums and produced numerous hit singles. Some of them include All Night Long and You Used to Love Me. The star’s latest album was released in 2010.

Monifah Carter has released four albums throughout her successful musical career. She remains best known for her songs I Miss You, Touch It and You Don’t Have to Love Me.

Nicci Gilbert is a former singer of the group Brownstone. The star remains well known for songs such as If You Love Me and 5 Miles to Empty.

Syleena Johnson is very famous thanks to her successful songs I Am Your Woman, All Falls Down and Tonight I’m Gonna Let Go.

Keke Wyatt is a popular singer and songwriter. Throughout her career the star has released three albums. The most recent one was out in 2011. Unbelievable! became a great success since the moment of its release.

Standing at different points in their careers, the five ladies make a great team in R&B Divas, so their success in not shocking after all.

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